Notes on Yoga- Part 1

Today is all about YOGA!


I would like to talk to you about my recent discovery of YOGA! How yoga came on my life’s path, and why I will keep yoga in my weekly routine.

When I moved to Oslo last September I had a lot on my plate. A hole new life was waiting for me. Making new friends, finding a job, learning a new language and getting to know a new city. As I had moved countries before, I thought this would be a walk in the park.

Boy was I wrong!

I had a first hard couple of months.

I felt so much pressure learning Norwegian, because it meant without it I would not be able to find employment.

I felt discourage cause the only responses I was receiving in my inbox were rejection emails from the jobs I had applied for.

I began to think I was maybe not meant to be here.

Everything seemed difficult. I felt like my life was turned upside down. And this is also where all the questions about life started popping up again. The ones I have been writing about in some of my previous posts.

However I decided to tough it out, to push forward and not give up. At this time I made the decision to accept my situation and therefor let a space be created for things to just fall into place. A place for positive change.

I felt like I wanted something to help me create this space. So after a long winter, the sun was finally starting to appear, the days where getting longer and brighter. It was time to make positive change in my life. I joined a gym and started exercising regularly again. I was also looking to join a group or activity. I had a look at dance studios around town. But I wasn’t really feeling it.

I had been hearing a lot about yoga from one of my best friends from Canada. She was in the midst of doing her yoga teacher training in Bali. She shared with me how yoga enhanced her life in such a wonderful way. I got very curious about it.

Somehow the universe sent yoga into my life, because out of the blue, last May, I saw a posting on a facebook group from two girls who make up Leelayoga and they were offering donation based yoga classes in a park (Frognerparken) downtown Oslo. That little voice in my head said to go for it! I’m I ever glad I did. It was just what I needed.

It was the right time for yoga to come into my life. I was ready and open for it. For me choosing yoga, meant choosing positive change. And through that simple positive change a chain reaction was set off in my life. Good things where happening. I was finishing up my language course and feeling comfortable enough with the language to do a 1 hour interview in Norwegian that lead me to get getting the job. I started enjoying the city of Oslo more and exploring what it had to offer. And I finally started to realize what the important things are in my life and I had a better idea of what kind of life I wanted to live.

Through yoga I meet some wonderful and inspiring people and some of them became my friends. And one day while having a conversation over coffee with one of them, I was questioned about my dreams and what I was passionate about. One thing led to an other and I started writing again.

Yoga got me into meditation which for me helps me be more mindful and letting go of things that no longer serve me.

Yoga is important part of my weekly routine because it makes me feel good and I feel like I belong to a community. And mostly because it is much more than just a physical practice on my mat. What I’ve learned and practice on my yoga mat has somehow transpired into my everyday life. Breathing and being more aware on the mat has brought more awareness to my life. Being more flexible and balanced on my mat, has also brought more flexibility and balance to my life. These are just a few examples of the many things yoga has giving me.

I love yoga and I want to promote it!

I have become a yoga ambassador for a new yoga project that will be launched in a little over 1 week. It is called MyYogaPro. They say :” It will be a revolutionary online yoga resource helping beginners and advanced yogis grow their practice together with real yoga teachers. You will get HD streaming videos, workshops, how-tos, articles and expert insights.”

See what it is all about here:Β 

And If you are interested in becoming a yoga ambassador for this project like I am, then join me and countless other yogis here to become one:

Last but not least, if you are looking to give yoga a try and you live in the Oslo area, check out theses two awesome girls (Kelsi and Tonje) that make up Leelayoga ( ). I love to practice with them. They are teaching vinyasa flow and Power yoga.


Keep an eye out for the opening of their new yoga studio this upcoming December.

If you prefer to do yoga in the comfort of your home you could try out this great website: or Erin Motz’s free 30 day yoga challenge at .

I hope I peeked your curiosity about yoga.

Happy Yoga Catday everyone!


Look out for my next notes on yoga. I’ll be writing about the positive benefits that yoga has had on my life.

Lots of love,

Brandi xox


About Brandi

I am a fun loving, positive thinker who loves to help others and influence their lives in a good and positive way. I love to travel, meet new people, talk about life. I enjoy lazy Sundays, which I refer to as catdays. I love to be bare foot. One of my favorite things is hanging out near the ocean and gazing at the sparkle as though diamonds in the water. I am a fan of the outdoors, connecting with nature's simplicity. I am interested in fitness and practicing a healthy balanced lifestyle. I newly discovered the practice of yoga and fell for it deeply. I have studied Sociology and Social work. But that's not all. I have a very sensitive heart filled with hopes, dreams, wonder and fears, that makes me doubt what I really want out of my life. I often ponder upon the questions of life and my purpose in it. I am scared of being judged and I am afraid of people not liking or accepting me for who I truly am. I believe in everything happens for a reason and that fallowing your instinct and intuition is the key to unveiling who you really are!
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2 Responses to Notes on Yoga- Part 1

  1. Tyler Duncan says:

    Hi Brandi, I’ll pass your post onto Lisa, since she loves her yoga and I’m sure she’ll enjoy reading how yoga has positively influenced your life.
    Happy yoga!

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