Hello my name is GRATITUDE


Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.

Not only did it make me crave my mothers yummy turkey dinner but it also got me thinking about being thankful.

About gratitude.

I think being grateful is one of the best things we can do to assure more happiness in our lives.


Being grateful has truly been a life changer for me in this past year.

Giving thanks and being truly grateful for the things in my life had such a positive affect on my happiness because I truly appreciate what I presently have and the things around me more.

The way I practice being grateful is by being engaged with it.

By writing it down.


By acknowledging it and even by saying it out loud sometimes. I usually take a few minutes in the morning and at night when I am in my bed to think about what I am grateful for.

In practicing more, gratitude comes much more naturally for me now. It is easier for me to see the things that I am thankful for.

The best discovery I made about gratitude, was realizing that I found it in the most simplest of things.

The little, simple, normal everyday things.

The little things that may not always appear to be something you think to be grateful for, but are usually the important ones in enhancing your life.

Gratitude is something that you practice, something you cultivate. And I believe that it should be practiced every single day.

And that is why I am suggesting a “30 day practicing gratitude challenge”.

Let us start a gratitude journal. Everyday for the next 30 days we write down the things we are grateful for. At the end of the 30 day challenge I am convinced that our life will be filled with more joy, happiness and appreciation. All it takes is 5 minutes a day. Let’s do it and see!


I’m starting my 30 day practicing gratitude challenge right now!

Here is what I will be the first entry in my journal.

On this Catday I am grateful for:

-Being able to express my self freely by writing this blog

-Skype. It letting me connect with my friends and family and being able to have a 2hrs conversation about life today with one of my besties in Canada.

-Living in a peaceful and quiet apartment near to the forest

-This wonderful, chill Catday and being able to spend it with the greatest guy I know. My love.



I hope you join me in my “30 day practicing gratitude challenge”and you ask yourself What am I grateful for today?

Lots of love,

Brandi xox


About Brandi

I am a fun loving, positive thinker who loves to help others and influence their lives in a good and positive way. I love to travel, meet new people, talk about life. I enjoy lazy Sundays, which I refer to as catdays. I love to be bare foot. One of my favorite things is hanging out near the ocean and gazing at the sparkle as though diamonds in the water. I am a fan of the outdoors, connecting with nature's simplicity. I am interested in fitness and practicing a healthy balanced lifestyle. I newly discovered the practice of yoga and fell for it deeply. I have studied Sociology and Social work. But that's not all. I have a very sensitive heart filled with hopes, dreams, wonder and fears, that makes me doubt what I really want out of my life. I often ponder upon the questions of life and my purpose in it. I am scared of being judged and I am afraid of people not liking or accepting me for who I truly am. I believe in everything happens for a reason and that fallowing your instinct and intuition is the key to unveiling who you really are!
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6 Responses to Hello my name is GRATITUDE

  1. I definitely agree that appreciating the smaller simpler things is huge! Often we only think to be thankful for the big things. Family, friends, health, etc. But our days are made up of so many wonderful smaller things to be appreciative of. I started keeping gratitude lists in my journal a couple of years ago and it’s made a world of difference in my perspective on life.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Murielle Doucet says:

    Un gros merci Brandi encore une pour ce beau message. Xox

    Murielle xod

  3. Sylvie Parent says:

    Allo ma belle Brandi,

    Merci pour ce beau message et de nous rappeler qu’il est important d’avoir de la gratitude pour tout ce qui nous arrive de positif dans la vie. Gros bisous. Sylvie xox

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