Notes on Yoga-Part 2

Hey everyone!

On this Catday I want to talk about Yoga! In particular about the team from and Erin Motz who is bringing us the MyYogaPro project.



I mentioned this project in my last yoga post and it is worth mentioning again!


Because it will change the way you do yoga at home. And….

Because MyYogaPro raised it’s funding goal (20,000$) in less than 7 hours after the project was launched on, and just after three days this amount has doubled! They are now at over 50,000$ in pledges from almost 1000 yogis all over the world.

This is going to be big!

What is MyYogaPro?

MyYogaPro is a social network for yogis, where you can connect and share your practice with thousands of other yogis if you wish to.

MyYogaPro adds video game style elements to your yoga practice.

It will have countless yoga courses where you can track your individual progress and earn rewards while doing so.

If you are looking for a fun, interactive and affordable way to practice yoga, back the project now and receive the special prices for a lifetime MyYogaPro pass.

Back the MyYogaPro project here :

I’m really excited for this online yoga project because I love my home practice. Here is why.

-It is convenient. I can do it on my own time. I can also choose the kind of practice I want to do and I can also experiment a little with different poses I am not used to doing.

-Me time. It’s nice to practice yoga alone. It is a great time for me to be completely alone with myself, to discover and to be aware of how it feels to do yoga.

-It is free or a very low cost. There are thousands of yoga video’s online to choose from these days. You get your pick! However if you are like me and you prefer to have connection and like the teacher in front of you then I’m willing to pay for my online yoga classes. You don’t have to worry for it to break your budget, it is super affordable!

Being a “bad yogi”

The great thing about yoga is that you can make it your own.

You own your practice.

You decide what being a yogi means to you.

My favorite yogi at the moment is Erin Motz. She calls herself a “bad yogi” and has started this “bad yogi” movement. I love her style and I also think of myself as a “bad yogi” too. 😉

This is how Erin describes being a “bad yogi” in her article on

  1. Bad Yogis are the ones in this unspoken group who don’t do yoga to be a part of the cool crowd.
  2. They don’t need to be able to do difficult poses perfectly or have their own Instagram hashtag.
  3. They understand that yoga is about feeling good, not just looking good.
  4. Bad yogis are real people, not impossibly fit, flexible, and flashy representations of yogi stereotypes.
  5. They’re real people who aren’t in it for the image or for the status, but because it’s theirs.
  6. Bad yogis don’t let any predetermined doctrine define their practice, and they don’t adopt some rigid set of “rules” just for the sake of having some.
  7. Bad yogis define their own practice.
  8. Bad yogis aren’t conceited and self-righteous about “their” style.
  9. They are inclusive and everyone is welcome, whether they are fat or thin or new or seasoned. It doesn’t matter if they see yoga the same way you do, but they’re welcome any way.

To me, being a bad yogi means owning my practice and doing it inline with my authentic self. It means recognizing who I really am and practicing in accordance to it. It means making up my own rules about yoga and how it fits into my life. If I eat meat and indulged in certain comfort foods and have a glass of wine once in a while, that doesn’t make me any less of a real yogi.

I believe the key is balance, having an open heart and being true to your practice the best way that works for you.

Happy Catday and enjoy some yoga in your life!


Lots of love,

Brandi xox


About Brandi

I am a fun loving, positive thinker who loves to help others and influence their lives in a good and positive way. I love to travel, meet new people, talk about life. I enjoy lazy Sundays, which I refer to as catdays. I love to be bare foot. One of my favorite things is hanging out near the ocean and gazing at the sparkle as though diamonds in the water. I am a fan of the outdoors, connecting with nature's simplicity. I am interested in fitness and practicing a healthy balanced lifestyle. I newly discovered the practice of yoga and fell for it deeply. I have studied Sociology and Social work. But that's not all. I have a very sensitive heart filled with hopes, dreams, wonder and fears, that makes me doubt what I really want out of my life. I often ponder upon the questions of life and my purpose in it. I am scared of being judged and I am afraid of people not liking or accepting me for who I truly am. I believe in everything happens for a reason and that fallowing your instinct and intuition is the key to unveiling who you really are!
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6 Responses to Notes on Yoga-Part 2

  1. Ace says:

    Awesome blog if you donate a dollar I will help fund or promote you. Please donate here

  2. Nadia says:

    Love it Brandi 🙂 Yoga is all about trying to have a balance life, we need some fun time too and enjoy little things….like a glass of vino 😉 xox

  3. tamitayoga says:

    I love the idea of MyYogaPro and also backed it, can’t wait!!! Nice reading you 🙂

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