Are you in need of a Catday?


Sometimes we may feel a bit overwhelmed with obligations and commitments to our friends, families and work. Some of us may even feel we never have a moment to ourselves.

I believe that something is out of balance here if we are always this busy.

Lately I can’t help but to notice how most people are busy busy busy.

I even feel sometimes that “busy” has become the new norm when answering someone who asked you how you are doing today. The common answer I’ve been hearing  is “I’m really busy, how are you?”.

Has being “busy” really become the new thing? In other words, are we glorifying being busy?

Who is expecting us to be busy all the time? Ourselves? Others? Society? Is it by being busy that we are determining our self worth?


In a recent blog post from a friend of mine at “The Freedom Experiment” she explains this concept beautifully by writing on dormancy and it’s importance. She reminds us to take it down a notch and listen to the beat of our lives. This is worth a read. Check it out here:

For me true luxury is time. Having time and taking time. True relaxing, down time.


Deepak Chopra says: “The Spiritual Law of Least Effort tells us that we can do less and accomplish more, an idea that seems at odds with what many of us have been taught throughout our lives. In general, we hold the belief that success is the result of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice.” but it is not.

I believe in that spiritual law of least effort. This law says that when you just let nature take it course life unfolds with effortless ease. Just like the way we breath. Think about it for a moment. Do you use effort to breath? No, you just breath.

When our lives are in balance things just unfold and leads us to abundance and prosperity. And to find this balance we need to slow things down and breath.

I get that we can not completely escape our busy lives.

However I do believe there are certain steeps we can take to ensure that we are not running ourselves down. Because this “busyness” that drives us to 60hrs or more work weeks are not only making us sacrifice time with our families, friends and ourselves, it is also leading us to neglect our health and well-being.

Slowing down is essential to being able to listen to our bodies, to be more mindful and to living a healthy, balanced life.

If you are someone who is super busy your body may already be showing sings telling you to slow it down.

So this may mean you are in need of a Catday. (The title of this blog and the whole reason behind it.)

Here is what Catdays means for me.


It is usually Sundays and they are sacred to me.



They are days I do absolutely whatever I WANT!

On my Catdays I have no specific plans. I wake up in the morning and I just BE. I am aware of how I am feeling and I let my day unfold accordingly. I can choose to do nothing all day, stay in my pyjamas and watch movies, listen to music, go for walks, read a book, take cat naps. However they are also the days I practice being still. Taking time for myself. Do yoga and meditate. They are the days where I rediscover my self.

The key element of my Catdays are:

  1. No feeling guilty with doing what I really want to do
  2. I eat what I want whether it is healthy or unhealthy
  3. It is my days and I honor them
  4. I wake up when my body wants to
  5. I have no specific plans
  6. I practice being still

However it is all up to you on how you want to define your Catday. Everyone is different and everybody’s lives are different. So build your Catday the best way you can for it to fit into your life.


Happy Catday and remember to take some time for yourself to refill the well of your soul.

Lots of love,

Brandi xox


About Brandi

I am a fun loving, positive thinker who loves to help others and influence their lives in a good and positive way. I love to travel, meet new people, talk about life. I enjoy lazy Sundays, which I refer to as catdays. I love to be bare foot. One of my favorite things is hanging out near the ocean and gazing at the sparkle as though diamonds in the water. I am a fan of the outdoors, connecting with nature's simplicity. I am interested in fitness and practicing a healthy balanced lifestyle. I newly discovered the practice of yoga and fell for it deeply. I have studied Sociology and Social work. But that's not all. I have a very sensitive heart filled with hopes, dreams, wonder and fears, that makes me doubt what I really want out of my life. I often ponder upon the questions of life and my purpose in it. I am scared of being judged and I am afraid of people not liking or accepting me for who I truly am. I believe in everything happens for a reason and that fallowing your instinct and intuition is the key to unveiling who you really are!
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2 Responses to Are you in need of a Catday?

  1. Nadia says:

    This is my weakness and I know, i’m getting a lot better!….when I take a day to do nothing, I have guilt 😦 lol That’s why yoga is really important to me, it keeps me grounded 🙂 Cheers and tks for the reminder! xox

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