Welcome to Catdays!

What are Catdays you ask? Well, they are days (mainly Sundays) where I take it easy. They are my chill days. Kind of like cats have. Cats do nothing all day you say? Well, when I have my Catdays, I can choose to do nothing all day, stay in my pyjamas and watch movies, read a book, take cat naps. However they are also the days I practice being still. Taking time for myself. They are the days where I rediscover my self. I LOVE CATDAYS!

This is a blog about life with its ups and downs and everything all around. About questions I ask myself and ponder upon during my Catdays. It is about the experiences I have lived and what has come out of them.

In this blog, I will be sharing the life lessons I’ve learned along the way, what inspires me, and my thoughts on the life I live and the way I see it.

I will post material as it comes to me, when I feel inspired to write and to share. I mainly want to post on the first Catday of every month (Sunday).

I would love to hear from you and get your feedback. What inspires you? What questions do you ponder on about the life we live in? About your life? So feel free to leave a comment.

Brandi xox


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